Rewards Program



Get 1 point per underwear

(You buy 4 pair, you get 4 points.)

Get 2 points per swimwear

(You buy 4 pair, you get 8 points.)


It pays to tell your friends! Refer your friends and get 2 points on their first purchase.

Your friends get their normal points as well!


Just redeem your points on our website.

10 points = 1 Free pair of underwear of your choice

20 points = 1 Free swimwear (briefs or shorts) of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I earn Garçon Model points?

1. Make sure you login to your account, this is the only way you can keep track of your points!

2. Shop with us: Any time you make a purchase from our website, you'll earn points for each item you purchase.

3. Spread the word. Invite your friends to try out Garçon Model, using your dedicated URL or code located in the Referral section of your account. 

How do I redeem my Garçon Model points?

Once you’ve racked up 10 points or more, you’ll be able to redeem them on your next order at Points cannot be redeemed on their own or for cash and are non-transferable. Only 1 reward can be redeemed per order.

1. Log in to your existing account.

2. Use accumulated points at checkout to add your free Garçon Model product to your existing order.

Do Garçon Model® points expire?

There is no expiration on your points but the loyalty program is subject to expiration without notice.

Do I have to pay for shipping on rewards products?

Your free items are redeemable on your next purchase. You will need to pay for shipping according to our regular shipping rates. Shipping rates are based on the non-rewards price of the product.

How does the “Refer Your Friends” program work?

For each friends you refer, you'll get 2 points on their first purchase. Your friends will also receive their normal.

1. Make sure to login to your account

2. Go to our referral page

3. Invite your friends using your unique personal URL or code

Terms & Conditions:

  • Points are not valid for redemption until after your order has invoiced and paid for. (Points are redeemable with your next order.)
  • If the purchased item is returned, you must either return the free item or purchase the free item at current retail price.
  • Only 1 free pair can be redeemed at time of purchase (per order).
  • The Garçon Model® rewards program is open to paid customers only. (Promotional, zero value items are not counted towards your rewards points program.)
  • Points accumulated under the program are promotional and have no cash value.
  • Points will only be accounted to friends that were referred via the online Garçon Model reward system.
  • Your points are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with family, friends or others.
  • You may have only one (1) rewards account.
  • Our Rewards Program is a custom system that’s been developed specifically for our website to track and allow redemption of points. Unfortunately we’re unable to track purchases made via other online e-tailers.
  • Resellers of Garçon Model products are excluded from participating in the program.
  • Garçon Model reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, modify or cancel the Garçon Model Rewards Program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice to you.